Since December 2014 our experienced brewer Michal Hatala has been producing simply unmissable beer! You can enjoy five beers:

FABRIKA F 12° lager
It is a Pilsen type lager produced from highest quality Moravian malts and Czech hops. This beer has rich foam and traditional slightly higher bitterness. It is produced directly in our mini brewery in the premises of FABRIKA the beer pub.

Type: light draft beer type „lager“ Alcohol: 4,6% vol. Plato: 12°
This is an American Pale Ale is made of the best quality moravian barley and american hops. It has a rich foam and fruity but bitter aroma and taste. And it´s brewed on site in FABRIKA the beer pub. 

Type: American Pale Ale Alcohol: 5,6% vol. Plato: 14°

FABRIKA 12° Weizen
A very popular light wheat beer. It has a pleasant aroma, which is immediately accompanied by the taste of citrus fruits, nutmeg, vanilla, banana, which ends in a slightly sour refreshing taste of lemons. This beer that has to be bleary and sour. It has a very
subtle bitterness and a straw-yellow color. And it´s brewed on site in FABRIKA the beer pub.

Type: light yeast wheat beer Alcohol: 4.7% vol. Plato: 12°

FABRIKA 13° Dark lager
Our dark lager is distinct by its carefully balanced taste, which eventually leans towards dry notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Brewed exclusively from Moravian floor malts, and hopped by the subtle and unique hops of Saaz variety which lends it flavours characteristic to beers of Czech type.

Type: Czech Dark Lager Alcohol: 5% vol. Plato: 13°

FABRIKA 14° Amber
This beer is a balanced profile with moderate bitternes and medium-high maltiness. Deeper colour is achieved by using Munich and Caramel malts,which also leads to fuller body and caramelnotes in flavour. Those are balanced by higher additions of noble aromatic hops towards the end of the  boil. Surprisingly refreshing refreshing beer.

Type: Amber Lager Alcohol: 5,6 % vol.
Plato: 14°